Endodontic Instrumentation at the Speed of Understanding

The probability that you will perform your next root canal in the same manner as you performed your last root canal is very high because you operate within your margin of knowledge; how you were taught, how you have been successful, within your comfort level. If this approach remains constant, then no progress ever occurs.
Understanding, on the other hand, is being able to apply knowledge for solutions in the most effective and efficient manner, being able to anticipate the ramifications, consequences and relationships of actions, materials and devices. Understanding can liberate us from the straitjacket of the routine, save vast amounts of time, eliminate risks and enhance results. Progress is constant.

Dr. John McSpadden

  • International lecturer and researcher
  • designed and introduced first commercial nickel titanium endodontic file
  • over 30 endodontic file patents
  • Scientific Advisory of the Journal of Endodontics
  • Awards: President’s Award, outstanding contribution to endodontics international Louis I. Ggrossman Award,  outstanding contribution to endodontics RalphF. Summers Award, outstanding publication. Society Francaise d’Endontie Member d’Honneur. Spirit of Service Award, University of Tennessee