Riccardo Tonini

Ricardo Tonini D.D.S. M.Sc graduated from dental school of University of Brescia (italy) at 2004. At 2007 he carried out his Master degree from university of Verona (italy) in Endodontics.

Gold member of StyleItaliano Endodontics.

His scientific work includes publications, continuous participations in national and international meetings and teaching experience in Italy (university of Brescia).

Since 2010he is an active member of the Italian Society of Endodontics and the

Italian Society of Microscopic dentistry. He is also a member of Style Italiano study club.

He is the inventor of ProTrain®, and has collaborated for several other innovations in dental industry.

Dr Tonini maintains Private Practice limited in Endodontics for the last five years in Brescia, Italy.

Some of Pubblications:

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Retreatments: how to manage complex cases. A practical guide for making it feasible

Every operator, even if expert, sometimes has to face challenging clinical situations during retreatments.  Sometimes it’s not important how good and perfect the operator is while he is doing an Endotontic retreatment… sooner or later, he has  to face an iatrogenic error.

It could be a mistake he did, it could be a mistake someone else did.. but anyway he has to find way for solving and fixing  it in a predictable way.

Typical iatrogenic damages are represented by perforations.. A perforation may occur at various stages of retreatment, including access cavity preparation, calcified and curved canal negotiation and during post space preparation/removal.

They are communications between the root canal space and the attachment apparatus which may compromise also, at the end, the prognosis of the tooth. For this reason it is important have protocols and right techniques, in order to fix and buy time for these compromised teeth.

During this lecture speaker will explain step by step with videos and simple slides how to repair different kind of perforations, giving all necessary tips and tricks in order to make it easier and repeatable. Only predictable  techniques will be presented and communicated effectively and a selection of the most modern materials will be suggested. Following the guidelines proposed by presenters, the attendees will be able to reproduce them successfully  in their daily practice.

Learning points:

  • Understand how to avoid iatrogenic errors

  • Learn how to fix a floor perforation

  • Learn how to use the sandwich technique

  • Learn how to use Bioceramic materials

  • Learn how to have good disinfection in such situations